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DogueVC isn't your typical meme coin that isn't in it for the long haul. With our one of a kind umbrella tokenomics we're eager to prove to you just how easy it will be to build an ecosystem that fosters long-term development, actual use case, greater rewards and a popularity beyond the usual pump and dump hype cycle that infests the market today.

With DogueVC we're bringing venture capital into the hands of the masses. Now the small guy can take advantage of the same benefits that generally goes to well-off whales/investors, investment banks, and any other financial institution.

Oh.. and did we mention airdrops from our partners? Multiple ones, over and over again?

Please continue to read our tokenomics for a detailed breakdown of how DogueVC is not only revolutionary, but an absolute no-brainer of an investment.

What are you waiting for?!


 Plural noun: dogues

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(The Secret Sauce)

16% transaction tax

8% Automatic Liquidity (Auto-Burn)

6% Marketing + Secret Sauce

2%  Automatic Token Buy-Backs and Burns

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Burned Supply: 10% at launch

Anti-Whale Max Wallet: 3% of total supply

Anti-Whale Max Transaction: 1% of total supply

No Presale
(Stealth Launch)

DogueVC didn't hold a presale, so there's no need to worry about a major dump that's looming shortly after the tokens launch.

100% of unburned supply added to liquidity

100% of liquidity has been locked

Automatic Liquidity

8% of every transaction is automatically

turned into liquidity on Pancakeswap before being auto-burned. This function helps with creating a price floor and adds stability through every buy and sell order and allows for larger token trading volumes.

Marketing Wallet

6% of every transaction will be used for promoted coin spots and banner ads at websites like CoinHunt and other promotion based services like shills from Twitter and Telegram influencers. After a couple weeks of marketing the next phase of this wallet will take place and our Secret Sauce will begin.

Secret Sauce

These funds are used to make trades like longing ETH and quality low-caps. The profits from the trades are used for more marketing and additional token buy-backs. We deploy this strategy to make this wallet self-sustaining, so that even on days of potentially low volume we'll still experience large gains and growth. You can find more info on this below.

Umbrella Tokenomics

This is what puts the Venture Capital in DogueVC and is actually quite revolutionary. Simply put, we lend a helping hand in getting up and coming projects off the ground floor, and in return they not only airdrop a portion of their supply to DOGUE holders, but also permanently set a percentage of THEIR TOKENS transaction tax towards buying/burning DOGUE off the open market. You can find more info on this within the video and details below.

Airdrops & Rewards

Each and every project launching under our signature Umbrella Tokenomics program will be airdropping a portion of their supply to DOGUE holders. So not only will you benefit from your gains off DOGUE, but you'll also receive multiple airdrops in which you can profit from as well. We also incentivize social and community activity with constant prize giveaways.


Like we mentioned before, this revolutionary program is what puts the Venture Capital in DogueVC. If you're unfamiliar with how venture capital works, it's basically a form of financing for early-stage companies that well-off investors or investment firms provide in exchange for partial ownership, or equity, in a company. These investors are called venture capitalists (or VCs), and by holding DOGUE you are now part of this exclusive club. How DogueVC differs from traditional venture capital is in the fact that we aren't providing any actual financing for these projects to where they have the ability and free range to decide where and how to spend it. The type of help we're providing is strictly in the form of man-hours, access to developers, communications support, as well as marketing and promotion through our website and media channels, most of which is generally provided until they're situated and on their feet. With that said, not all projects are created equal and every agreement will be slightly different. Some situations might be a little more hands-on, while others require a lot less attention on our part, but the end result will always lead to more airdrops and a permanent tax on their own tokens volume that's used to buyback and burn DOGUE off the open market, and who doesn't love airdrops? I mean c'mon!

Now, if you're getting excited about the possibilities, you're not alone. As more and more projects launch with our Umbrella Tokenomics we'll be seeing the supply of DOGUE drastically dwindle due to the constant buy pressure from the accumulation of each projects designated transaction tax in addition to our very own 16% tax. In essence, it's pretty easy to foresee a few months down the line after 5 or 6 projects have launched under DogueVC where the total tax is nearing upwards of 10-12% off of volume that isn't based on DOGUE alone. Add that to our own 16% tax and we're at 26-28%, which is huge on it's own, so imagine a few more months down the line when there's 14 or 15 projects launched and the total tax is hitting 40% or more. I think it's safe to safe that this can get totally out of hand very quick, but in the best of ways. This volume will not only pump the price and make our token more scarce, but it will bring an additional source of revenue for marketing and project development, that'll lead to a far greater reach and the ability to bring even more projects under our umbrella.

So what should you expect over the next couple weeks and months? Well, so far we have 4 projects onboard with this program and the only thing we're waiting on is a couple specific milestones that we as a project need to reach before it's all systems go, all of which are volume and marketcap related. So once we gain a little more traction you'll be seeing information regarding the projects we're already in agreement with, as well as the details surrounding our partnerships and what's to come about in the following days and weeks ahead. What we can divulge as of this moment is that one of them is an ecommerce website that's been in business for about a decade who's now adding a crypto element to their service, and the others are all gaming and NFT related. So it's needless to say that we're very excited for what's to come and we're happy to go on this wonderful journey with our entire community.


Every project is at the mercy of the volume its marketing wallet receives. Once the volume dips, so does the hype, and that's why we deploy a very specific technique to make this aspect self-sustaining. The funds are used to long assets like ETH and quality low-caps, as well as sitting in stablecoins at opportunistic times. We then close the trades and use the profits for additional token buy-backs and more marketing than what we otherwise would've been able to support. The rationale behind this is not only that a portfolio of different assets will yield higher returns and lower the risk of holding any individual asset, but also because by making these trades we're growing our marketing and buy-back capabilities, rather than immediately syphoning the funds on shills from "influencers" and making donations at the detriment of our holders. ALL trades are made within this single wallet and on a DEX where 100% of the action is visible and transparent for anyone to see on BSCSCAN. Furthermore, the results of every trade and use of funds is documented within our media channels where we'll be doing contests and giveaways to make following along a fun and interactive social activity for our community to enjoy.

Here's a full breakdown of how the funds are allocated. 50% of the profits are used for marketing, the other 50% is for additional token buy-backs. 20% of the initial capital is also used for marketing. The remaining 80% is split evenly into 4 increments (20% each), going towards giveaways/rewards for token holders, ecosystem development, team allocation, and the final amount is allotted to the expansion of our signature Umbrella Tokenomics program.











Stealth Launch


Liquidity Locked


250 Telegram Members


$150,000 Marketcap

Initial Marketing Phase


KOMBAT Launch & Airdrop


DR. CREDIT Launch & Airdrop


$300,000 Marketcap

Secret Sauce Implementation


BSCSCAN Page Update

GreedyNomics Launch & Airdrop

POMinu Launch & Airdrop


Presale Implementation

PromoNomix Launch & Airdrop


CoinGecko Listing

CoinmarketCap Listing

CEX Listings

DogueVC Dapp


Certik Audit

Roadmap Update

DogueVC Swag



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